Regurin XL

Regurin XL

Helping with an overactive bladder

Regurin XL, once daily trospium chloride, can help to control the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Regurin XL (prolonged release trospium chloride) is a once daily version of Regurin®. It is one of a group of medicines called ‘anticholinergics’.

Regurin XL is indicated to help control the symptoms of overactive bladder that cause a frequent need to go to the toilet (urinary frequency), needing to suddenly rush to the toilet (urgency) and/or not getting there in time (urge incontinence).

Trospium chloride is one of the anticholinergics recently recommended by NICE for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

Regurin XL is available in packs of 28 tablets and is used once daily to treat the symptoms of overactive bladder.

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